In the Shop: New Candles & Fragrances



We are very pleased to introduce: Boot, Bear, Beetle and Swallow…four new candle designs and fragrances joining our collection this season!  We worked closely with our collaborators, The Soap and Paper Factory, to create a new group of wonderful scents and we are thrilled with the results!  BOOT is as distinguished and stately as a noble court.  This remarkably refined scent features notes of sandalwood, frankincense, cedar and amber.  SWALLOW is a high-flying floral medley imbued with a graceful earthiness.  This combination of orange blossom, rosewood, cyclamen and oak moss is a curiously enduring fragrance.  BEETLE is strikingly exuberant with a layer of mystic calm.  Notes of geranium, vetiver and ylang ylang create an exotic bouquet freshly picked from a lavish garden.  BEAR is plush and lush with a honeyed flourish.  This delicious combination of sweet jasmine, violet, cedar and amber wood is sumptuous as a long winter’s nap.  Stop by the PATCH NYC Shop to give these new candles and fragrances a sniff!