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In the Press: Ready Made

double-spread.JPGOur apartment made it into the Small Spaces Issue of READYMADE magazine and, fortunately, the camera adds some square footage because our home looks much bigger in the photographs by Bob O'Connor.   The piece is titled Grey Gardeners which refers to our mini-jungle of plants as well as one of our favorite documentaries featuring Little Edie, a true non-conformist and inspiration.  ReadyMade named our decorative look after Grandma Moses who was completely self-taught and didn't start her successful painting career until she was in her seventies.  So between Little Edie and Grandma Moses we think we're in pretty good company.   We love being included in a magazine filled with great ideas and inspiring projects although it is ironic that we would be featured in the Small Spaces issue.  After ten years in an itsy bitsy studio in New York we've come to think of our new home as practically palatial.ready-made-1.JPGready-made-3.JPG

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  • Just wanted to say I really like your site and will definitely be back!


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