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The house of Hermès epitomizes French luxury design, not to mention the finest in craftsmanship, so it was a tremendous thrill for Don and John to design a special jewelry collection for the house. 

Established in 1837, Hermès has an impressively long history that Don and John researched extensively before presenting their design concepts to the Hermès team in Paris.  For this special project, Don and John wanted to stay true to the well-defined codes of the Hermès brand while injecting a bit of PATCH NYC humor so they explored the concept of trompe l'oeil (trick of the eye) illusion. 

Based on their research, Don and John created original ink drawings of elements and motifs such as horses, ribbons, keys, locks and tassels.  These ink drawings were then printed onto shaped pieces of colored leather and combined with metal hardware to become pendants, brooches and earrings.  As part of the development process, Don and John worked with the jewelry production team to ensure that the trompe l'oeil concepts were executed to the high standards of the Hermès house. 

The jewelry designs created by Don and John became part of the H Curiosité collection available exclusively at Hermès stores worldwide. 

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