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Hygge & West


Hygge & West is a design company known for creating beautiful wallpapers using traditional hand screened techniques so Don & John were excited to work with such a well-established name in the world of wall coverings.

For this wallpaper collection, Don & John wanted to create designs that would bring a sense of wonder and balance to an interior space. Working with Don’s iconic ink drawings, John created patterns with leaping rabbits, twisting vines, dancing dragons, majestic leopards and swirling snakes.

For color ways, the designers worked with the team at Hygge & West to create a variety of palettes from soft to bold to shimmery. The end result is a collection of wallpapers in a range of patterns and colors with options to please the muted minimalist and the bold maximalist.

Hygge & West wallpapers are hand screened on quality clay coated paper in the USA.

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