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Antoinette Poisson

Inspired by 18th Century decorative arts and production techniques, Antoinette Poisson produces exquisite printed papers, decorative objects and fabrics from an atelier in Paris.  The design house is named for Louis XV's favorite mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour, a patron of the arts and a wallpaper enthusiast. 

Don and John have admired the work of Antoinette Poisson for many years so they were very excited to collaborate on a special design.  For this collaboration, Don Carney created a series of woodland animal ink drawings that were then placed in a floral setting created by Antoinette Poisson.  The result is a pattern design called "Crepuscule (twilight)". 

Two color ways of Crepuscule were printed on linen and used for decorative pillows.  A dominote paper of Crepuscule was printed in the Antoinette Poisson atelier.  The paper is offered in black and white as well as color options with pigment added entirely by hand giving each piece beautiful variations.  Paper maché decorative objects were also added to the collection.  These paper mache objects are constructed by hand in the Antionette Poisson atelier then decorated with decoupaged elements of the Crespuscule pattern. 

The PATCH NYC x Antoinette Poisson collection is available at specialty stores worldwide.

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