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Rooms We Love I

rwl-i.JPGEvery so often we find ourselves in a beautiful room.  It can be a musty attic, a hushed library hall or an artist's paint-splattered work shop but whatever the space we know we are somewhere special.  Most times, we can't pinpoint exactly why we fall in love with a certain space.  Rooms are usually made up of multiple elements so it is definitely more about the sum than the parts.  Whatever the reason, we consider ourselves fortunate to be in these special rooms, to feel the energy, inhale the smells and to let our eyes feast on all the details, savoring great big bites of inspiration.This is the corner of an odd shaped little room just off the second floor landing in our friend Joanne's house.  She jokingly refers to this room as her "library" and it is indeed fitted with a large vintage cabinet filled with books.  The chaise is covered in pieces from Joanne's extensive collection of textiles.  Joanne is a designer as well as the proprietor of a store in Boston and her house is chock full of unusual objects culled from years of traveling and antiquing.  Every room in Joanne's house is beautiful but there is something about this petite library that always makes us pause.  For more of Joanne's impeccable taste, feast your eyes on her jewel-box of a shop here.

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