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In the Press: Elle Decor(ation)

elle-decor-cover-x.JPGFrom Perrier to Pepe Le Peu, it's no surprise that we're big fans of all things French so we nearly choked on our croissants when French ELLE DECOR asked to photograph our house.   We gave the ol' maison a proper cleaning: dusting and sweeping and dusting again.  We thought we had pretty much cleaned everywhere but, of course, the photographer still found that one dusty corner to zoom in on...extra close.   It's the picture on the right in the opening spread below.  Still, dust or no dust, we think the pictures of our home look way prettier than the real thing.  We're tres thrilled.double-spread-x.JPGelle-decor-2-x.JPGelle-decor-3-x.JPGelle-decor-4-x.JPG

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  • Gentleman-
    You are truly refreshing – a modern more is more approach, very much appreciated! I found you / your blog via Mr. P. (Peacock), and am very glad to have. I’m a new fan.


    Scott Fazzini
  • decor…

    Nice ideas, useful hints and a well designed page, thanks for sharing….

  • Amazing….where do I start!!??
    Love the bouquet of “flowers”…
    Love the chartreuse wall….
    Love the parade of color in your bedroom!!!

    Mr. Peacock

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