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PATCH NYC for Barnes & Noble

Ta dah!  We are very pleased to introduce our first foray into the world of stationery: journals, sketch books and note cards for Barnes & Noble.   The original art used to create these pieces is from our series of wood block prints on collaged vintage book pages.  We love vintage books but quite a few of our really old ones have, well, started to disintegrate so it was nice to put those loose pages to new use: combining the aged paper and vintage imagery with the saturated colors and organic shapes of our carved wood blocks.   The first printing of this mini-collection has already sold out of some Barnes & Noble locations but a second printing will be in stores and on line soon.  Stay tuned for our next collection of stationery coming soon!

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  • In December 2008 I bought a note book from the above range. I am using it as a journal and would love to buy further books. It is the one featured in the above picture propped on the books at the top right of the picture.

    Are these still available to purchase?


    Sean D. Lynch
  • It seems like you’ve gathered yourself quite the respectable following now! I’m happy for you!

    Maverick Meerkat

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