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VI No. 1

woolworth.JPGHere’s a dose of visual inspiration in the form of a humble needle book cover.  A funny thing about great vintage packaging is that many times the product inside is rather unexciting like shoelaces or aspirin or sewing needles.  This gem was found in the $1 bin at a local thrift store and we thought it would look great on our ever-evolving inspiration wall.  We love the die-cut shape and the ‘rays’ of sewing needles with the ribbon of thread swirling around the Woolworth’s towers.  Of course, we have a soft spot for Woolworth’s.  When we started our business many moons ago, we bought embroidery thread and wooden needlework hoops in the craft department at Woolworth’s on 23rd Street in New York.  We also bought our first sewing machine at Woolworth’s, a no-frills Singer that we didn’t know how to thread properly but that still served us well when we stitched up our very first handbag order for Bergdorf Goodman…if they only knew.

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  • Brilliant, just brilliant..


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