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Stylish Men

Two men we consider very stylish enjoy pride of place on our mantel surrounded by other treasures found at flea markets and thriftstores.  We love vintage pieces that look like they have a tale to tell and these two figures look like they are full of stories.  Of course what first caught our eye was the way these two men were dressed.  Their hand-stitched outfits are incredibly detailed almost like tiny couture creations. 

The suave man with the subtle grin and the green sequined bolero looks a bit mysterious.  We imagine him high up on a tight rope in an underground circus or facing off with a ferocious bull in a Spanish stadium.  His be-dazzled jacket reminds us of Christian Lacroix, one of our favorite designers.  Perhaps this dashing man is a famous matador celebrated for his brave bull fighting as well as his brave fashion choices like a sequined ruffle codpiece and garters.  
This man seems much more demure, almost innocent, in his modest feather skirt.  We picture him wandering through the forest with a deer at his side.  We love the naivete of his clothes, the print fabric boots and aluminum foil belt buckle.  From the carefully placed feathers to the intricately stitched fingers, some crafty person spent a lot of time laboring over each detail.  It is this element of hand-work that we admire and why we consider these stylish men works of art.

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